Pie Safe

A pie safe was a piece of furniture designed to store pies and other food items. This was a normal household item and used regularly as a place to allow pies and other baked goods a place to cool. It was considered an important part of the American household starting in the 1700s and continuing through the 1800s. The pie safe was used to store not only pies, but also meat, bread, and other perishables, protecting them from gnats, rodents and insects.

A pie safe is made of wood and about the same size as a large dresser. It normally has two hinged doors on the front. These doors, and usually the sides, are ventilated either with tin plates with punched holes, or screens. The holes in the tin are often punched to produce a simple shape, or something more intricate like a church scene.


Product Description

  • Dimensions: H = 60″, W = 16″, L = 44″
  • Wood Type: Black Cherry
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Dovetailed drawer
  • Limited first edition – only 250 to be made
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This pie safe is the model for ours; it is sitting in the Newell K. Whitney home in Kirtland, Ohio.

Mary remembers

This piece was a must have in every kitchen. This is where all the leftover food would be kept that didn’t need to be stored cold. I remember as a little girl trying to sneak the summer coating Out of the pie safe! English (how Amish refer to those that are not Amish) call “summer coating” white chocolate baking chips. I would have to be very careful as the door would squeak with each open and close. I was so surprised that my mother never caught me!