The School of the Prophets Desk

The School of the Prophets met in Kirtland through the winter and early spring of 1833, usually in a room above Newel K. Whitney’s store. School usually convened at sunrise and dismissed in late afternoon.

Instruction focused on scripture and doctrine, though some time was devoted to secular topics such as grammar. During the February 27, 1833, meeting, Joseph Smith received the revelation known as the Word of Wisdom (D&C 89), which thereafter was binding upon members of the school.


Product Description:

  • Dimensions: H = 36.5″, W = 22″, L = 32.5″
  • Solid Black Cherry construction
  • Bronze signature medallion
  • Letter box is not attached to the desk
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This desk is the model for our School of the Prophets Desk; the original desk is in the Newell K. Whitney General Store in Kirtland, Ohio.

Paul remembers

We had one similar to this desk. I’ve seen mom sit at the desk to write letters. She sometimes sat at the desk to write out checks when she was paying bills. As children, we were never allowed to open the lid without my parents’ permission.